Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Something different to read

A little while ago, I started writing what I thought at the time would be a satire. It sometimes feels as though events have overtaken it, but perhaps I can outstrip reality if I make a real effort. Certainly, it would be a break from the editing of a more 'serious' novel that should be available next year. In the meantime, here's the opening section, with the possibility of more being posted if there's any demand. Warning: if you're easily offended, you may be better off heading elsewhere....

(Working title: Mother of Invention)

As deathbed scenes go, it was pretty standard. Elderly patriarch surrounded by those who loved him and a few who were more ambivalent, gradually slips away, fades out of existence so slightly that it is a few moments before everyone realises he's gone. And then, it starts to sink in and while everything has changed, life goes on.

Gabriel was first to break the silence. 'So, what now? A wake? It's not as if there's a will to read.'

The others stood back, deferring to his seniority. There were no tears shed, it was all expected. It had been on the cards for years, after all. A gradual debilitation that led to the inevitable. One small matter, however.

'Who's going to let everyone know?' Asriel began the conversation that the others were too cowardly to open.

'Do they need to know?' Gabriel replied. 'Will it achieve anything, telling them? Aren't they better off not knowing?'

His position again led to a general agreement with his assessment of the situation. They wouldn't say anything, leave everyone happy.

Lucifer disagreed. Being disowned for all that time was bound to lead to some ill-feeling, after all. He grabbed his jacket and headed for his favourite Internet cafe.

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  1. To (accurately) quote Mandy Rice Davies "Well (giggle) he would, wouldn't he?". The non-consenting individual is called Light Bringer, after all...